Entrance Fee  1 person ¥500-

KMC SHOW CASE When holding a stage event,
It may be necessary to purchase tickets in advance.

When there is holding of a private party, single live etc.,
It may not be available.

KMC SHOW CASE attracting attention as a social gathering place for adults in the city of Harajuku is holding a popular "Thursday Burlesque Night" inviting sexy and fancy Burlesque dancers from 20:00 on Thursday every week.
At SHOW TIME, a new icon girl "MONSTER BUNNY" directing the night face of Harajuku escorts the guest with a small devil costume💛

❖ Every Thursday 20: 00 ~ 24: 00 ❖Entrance fee ¥2,000 1Drink
 All you can drink plan + ¥1,500 / VIP BOX PLAN ¥5,500

※There may be cases where it is not held for charter sales etc. For more detail, please get information from the shop.