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【18歳以上限定* For 18 years of age or older】
年越しイベント【Countdown 2020 Monster Party】12/31 9:00pm - 1/1 4:00am

2019-12-04 News

Countdown 2020 Monster Party  ~ Crazy KAWAII Night ~

12月31日(Tue)21:00 ~ 28:00  年越しカウントダウンイベント!


多様化するKAWAII CULTUREの要素をギュギュっと詰め込んだゴージャスで


”DJ Hello Kitty” がSpecial Guestとして初出演!


“大人の社交場“として数々のイベントを開催しているKAWAII MONSTER CAFEならでは

Show Stageと伝統的なJapanese Culture “鏡割り”  “餅つき”など、イベント盛りだくさん!

“カワイイを超えた”スペシャルなイベントで 世界中のゲストと 新年の Countdown!!


【Entry fee

◆当日券 Standing Ticket( with 1 Drink ticket )¥4,000-

◆事前予約 Reservation Standing Ticket( with 1 Drink ticket )¥3,500-

◆予約限定 Reservation BOX seat Ticket

( with 1 Drink and 4type Appetizer foods )¥7,000-

  *Box seat Minimum 2 peple.  *Only available for 10 groups.


入場は18歳以上限定 (入場時に年齢が確認できる写真付きIDをご提示ください)

チケット予約は、下記事前予約フォームまたは、TELにて好評受付中!! 03-5413-6142[]=5dea00c35f6ddf53f600165e&utm_source=lp


Countdown 2020 Monster Party  ~ Crazy KAWAII Night ~

31st Dec. 9:00pm – 1st Jan. 4:00am

DJ & Dance Event for 18 years of age or older.


Party your way to 2020 with music played by the live DJ and Exciting Dance shows.


Also, you can enjoy a Japanese traditional New year’s countdown event for your good luck.


Sake Ceremony “Kagami-wari”

The Sake Barrel Ceremony “Kagami-Wari”  is a Japanese ceremony performed at various celebratory events.

The wooden Sake Barrel is broken open with a mallet “kizuchi”.

Then after, the Japanese-sake is served in wooden square cups “masu”.


Mochi Rice Cake Making “Mochi-tsuki”

“Mochii” is Japanese traditional food to pray for the safety of one year, and to eat for New Year holidays.
It’s also thought to bring success and a promising year.


This night event is for 18 years of age or older. (Show us your ID at entrance.)
Seating ticket reservation will be received by our reservation form.

◆ English Reservation【 Voyajin site 】↓ ↓

* please choose 「12% OFF Countdown Monster Party Advance Ticket (Standing)」Ticket