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【Kawaii Halloween night !!】
2017.10.28 (SAT) & 10.31(TUE) Kawaii Halloween night !!

2017-10-26 News

Happy Halloween !!   オトナカワイイフォトジェニックな店内で 仮装パーティー☆

10.28  & 10.31 いずれも仮装してご入場の方はエントリーフィー¥500 OFF  !!

With any costume, entrance fee will be discounted by 500 yen !!


★★★【10.28 Kawaii Halloween DJ night 】★★★

★Date: October 28th (Saturday)  Time: 18:00-23:30

Our iconic Monster Girls, special performer Yuka Zakuro known from the Pink Cat Fat Show will also perform a special show for the Halloween night.

DJ music will also be specially played, why not take a photogenic Halloween picture with a haunted Kawaii costume here at Kawaii Monster Cafe HARAJUKU.

DJイベントをメインにモンスターガールパフォーマンス & YUKA with Pink Fat Cat ショータイムなど、フォトジェニックなイベントを開催!!

★Entrance fee
¥1,500 (this does not include any drink or food)

There will also be a “Happy Halloween Time” which original Halloween drinks and macaron will be given out for free. You can’t miss it!   Happy Halloween!!

【Entertainer】  Monter Girl     /      Yuka with Pink Fat Cat

【DJ】  DJ U-TA   /   DJ Na-Oh   /   DJ koujirou   /   DJ taros




★★★【10.31 Kawaii Burlesque Halloween NIGHT】★★★

★Date: October 31st (Tuesday) Time: 20:00-23:00

Our weekly burlesque events are made for all the guest visiting Kawaii Monster Cafe including travelers to enjoy.

This time, it is the special version, which is Halloween burlesque night with costumes!


セクシーで妖艶な衣装に身を纏ったダンサーとLet' Dancing !!!
★Entrance fee
Men: ¥2500 (including entertainment charge and 1 drink)
Women: ¥2000 (including entertainment charge and 1 drink)

Please be sure to bring your ID card to confirm your age,
Burlesque event is for 20 years old or older.



【Entertainer】  Yuka / Mikitty / Rina / Special guest team